Maui, Rental Car

Got a van for Maui, glad we did.


We got this thru National Car Rental, and it was a decent rental. We did have some issues with it.


Here are some of the issues we had with the van

  • The passenger side window wouldn’t roll back up.
    • Had to do it from the driver’s side of things
  • The carpet was coming up in the back
  • One USB port wasn’t working
  • No Apple car play
    • What??

We did get a day’s worth of rental back which was nice.

Second one

This is the second van that we have gotten in the past year. Don’t like vans but somethings they are worth it as they hold a lot of stuff.


There were really good to work with, I think that is where we will be booking thru from now on. No, I am not sponsored by them. They are just good.

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