Long Beach Cruise Port

If you have ever been out of the Long Beach Cruise Port for the Carnival Cruise line you go out of the Dome, which is near the Queen Mary. But, this hasn’t always been the best option. However, Carnival Cruise line announced on Saturday, February 10, 2018, the full use of the dome for a period of 5 years.

Carnival Corp.

They just completed a multi-million-dollar renovation of the dome as they now have complete use of it. What does this mean? It means a lot of things for the passengers and the flow of those passengers. The terminal now has the ability to seat up to 1,584 people, a lot smoother embarkation, and debarkation. They have expanded the shore power facilities allowing larger ships to access the local electrical grid meaning that exhaust emissions while docked will be less.


Background on the Dome

Howard Hughes built this dome to house the Spruce Goose the Flying boat, which is now in a museum in Oregon. It has been adjunct to the Queen Mary they have been using for conferences and other functions. Carnival was using only half of the space.  There is a model of the famous Plane hanging in the dome.


Inside the domeOutside viewOutside view of a different angle.



What does this mean?

This is my opinion, but I think that this is a long waited overdue upgrade. I have been to this cruise port twice.

First time:

We went to the Queen Mary to check in, but since we were a suite guest we had to go back outside and check-in in a little room. Waited for a couple of hours then walked in and board the ship it was a time-consuming event.

Second time:

We checked in outside then waited for a couple of hours outside in the sun, there was shade, but still, it was a bit warm.  We then walked in and got on the ship it was a time-consuming event. My sisters were able to check-in inside the dome, but they started outside then they moved inside and check-in.

It was a mess. Hopefully, this will be a better-organized approach to the embarkation and debarkation of the passengers.

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