Day 2 New Years Eve 2017 Trip

Went to look at an Eagle project which was done by another nephew out in Henderson, Nevada. It was a mile trail where they cleaned up garbage. We then headed to Boulder City to check out the Hoover damn.

Hoover Dam

Well, this didn’t happen. The traffic was so bad and backed up for miles. So that didn’t happen. Been there before. But would like to see that again.

Went and had some lunch at a place called China Tango Bistro, you can check them out here. I went with my safe choice, sweet and sour chicken, it was a lot of food.

More food

When in Vegas you have to visit the road kill grill. This is some of the best BBQ out there. It was featured on Dinners dive and drive-ins on the food network with Guy Fieri. Not the best video but, ti shows you a little bit of what it is about.


Here are a couple of pictures.

Las Vegas Speedway

The speedway was lite up for the holidays for a festival of lights. Here is a video of it.

Mandalay Bay

We drove by the route 91 music festival place a place we have driven by many times. Never thinking anything of it. However, this time it was something different. It was a humbling experience this time. Just thinking of what happened there.

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