Day 1 New Year Eve 2017 Trip

Dec. 29, 2017, we headed to Vegas for the weekend. We came down to Vegas for a couple of different reasons. The main reason was to see our nephew who returned home from an LDS mission from Spain. Also to spend New Year’s Eve in Vegas, so why not, right.

The day consisted of us driving, it was the first trip we took in the new car. The 2017 Honda Accord, which by the way drove really smooth. The first time we made it to Vegas on one tank of gas. Usually, we drive the Pilot or the Sonata. I had to keep an eye on the speed as I hit 100 a couple of times. Kept the cruise control on at 90, even when we got stuck behind a cop. Followed the cop for about 30 min. He was in the fast lane and was slowing traffic down. It was still 90 MPH, but it was still getting to be a bottleneck. Some guy in a KIA pulled up behind me and started flashing his lights, I guess my 90 wasn’t fast enough. I moved over after I passed the semi and he went by me. He saw the cop and slowed down. The highway patrol turned on his lights and pulled over to helped a motorist on the side of the road. The traffic soon picked up after that.

Got to Vegas and went to Terminal 3, the International terminal and it was quiet. Vegas airport has grown since the last time I was here. We saw the nephew and then we went to Raising Cains.That is one place we go to when we come to Vegas. Love the food there. By the time we got done, it was about 9:30 and we went to the brother in law’s house and visited for about 40 min’s or so.

We were staying with a friend of the brother-in-law. So we went over there and there to get settled. I will talk about that later.

Turned in since I was tried. It has been a long day, A very long day.

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