San Antonio Temple   Recently updated !

Here is some information on The San Antonio LDS (Church of Jesus Crist of Latter-Day Saints).


The temple is located here

20080 Stone Oak Parkway San Antonio, Texas


  • Announcement
    • 24 June 2001
  • Groundbreaking and site dedication
    • 29 March 2003
  • Public Open House:
    • 16 April –  7 May 2005
  • Dedication
    • 22 May 2005 by Gordon B. Hinckley


  • Acres of land
    • Sits on 5.5 Acres
  • Exterior Finish
    • Granite
  • Architectural Features
    • Single attached spire with an angel Moroni statue
  • Total Floor Area
    • 16,800 Square feet
  • Fourth Temple in Texas
    • Dallas
    • Huston
    • Lubbock



On September 21, 2004, a 113-foot statue of the angel Moroni was placed on top. This was the 181st anniversary of the first appearance of Moroni to Joseph Smith.

50,000 visitors came to the open house of the temple, that is a lot of people. 20,000 filled the Alamodome for a cultural celebration.

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My Thoughts

Visiting this Temple was a good experience. I thought it was a unique build. It was different then some of the other ones I have visited.  It had a great view.