Las Vegas, Oct. 13, 2018, KA

We got to see KA, 3rd show of the trip, and this show cost a whopping $165 million dollars to produce. I bet that stage cost a good portion of it.

While waiting, one of the guys made my wife a Rose, See the pictures below, out of a napkin. We walked into the show and looked around and holy crap the stage is awesome. The stage wrapped around the sides of the theater.  Yes, there is a lot of action going from these side stage. (see pictures)

It started out as a customer (most likely a cast member) was on his phone, a couple of cast members took the phone away and threw it behind the front of the stage and there was a small explosion.  The guy was complaining and then they threw him over the front part of the stage into the pit and there was a bigger explosion. Didn’t see him again.

Then the show began, that stage was just amazing, it turned 180 degrees, went vertical, and people kept falling off it and landing in the net below.

But the skill they had to have in order for this show to be a thrill, it was awesome.

For this not even being on my radar, I enjoyed this show. It took me a while to get into, but it was quite entertaining.

If you want to see the official trailer click here

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