Las Vegas, Day 4, Oct. 14, 2018

For a Sunday, it wasn’t a normal Sunday. We got up and went to the hot tub for a little bit. Tried to look at the lazy river but it doesn’t open until 10 AM and we were checking out then.

Seven Magic Mountains

Headed out to see the 6 painted rocks about 15 miles south of Las Vegas. I tried my hardest to get a selfie with the wife and all 6 of them, but the sun was shining in the eyes and I couldn’t see to get them all in. So we just settled for a picture of the six.

Treasure Island / Strip

Headed over to Treasure Island, checked in. Checking into Treasure Island required my wife’s driver license as it was

and walked over to Carlo’s Bakery over in the Canal Shoppes at the Venetian We got the following:

• Classic Éclair
• M&M Cookie
• Chocolate Cookie
• Lobster Tail
○ Hand-pulled flaky dough baked to a golden brown, filled with our signature French cream and a hint of Bailey’s liquor. Topped with powdered sugar. (It is just shaped like a Lobster Tail
• Classic Cannoli


Headed over to the brother and sister-in-law’s house to eat some home cooking street tacos, (more on the food post). I ate too much.

Strip and Treasure Island

Back to the Treasure Island (TI) where we set out on a quest to the forum shops at Caesars Palace to find a pink Guess purse we saw on the Ruby Princess. I should have just bought it then, but when you don’t have the funds then you don’t have the means to buy anything.

After the forum shops, we crossed over and went back to the high roller, LINQ, area. There is a cupcake ATM. You pick a certain cupcake, pay for it, then it comes out of the ATM.

Went back towards the Venetian to find a Walgreens to find the wife some Diet Coke then back to the hotel room. Where the neighbors began to have a party in their room around midnight. It was shut down about 20 min later. No, I didn’t report it, someone else did.

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