Las Vegas Airport, 2022

The hub to the Sin City. That is the Las Vegas Airport. Let’s read about it.


This is actually not in Las Vegas, but it is in Paradise, Nevada. That is really odd. Well, to me anyway.

Started off

It started off as Alamo Field, by an aviator George Crockett, South of Las Vegas. The United States Army wanted to open a base where the original McCarran airport was at. Which is now Nellis Air Force Base.

Clark County brought Alamo Field and which became the new McCarran airport.

The airport was built in 1942 and in 1948, it started with flights. That is interesting.

When it was first opened it had over 36,000 passengers. April 1949, it looked like it had 12 departures a day.

  • 5 western
  • 5 TWA
  • 2 united


As the casino industry grew, the airport saw 959,603 passengers in 1959. This meant that the following departures:

  • 47 Weekday flights
    • Western
      • 13
    • United
      • 11
    • TWA
      • 9
    • Bonanza
      • 9
    • Pacific
      • 3

United had the first 720s to land at the airport, why is that so special, well that was the first jet engine plane.


The size of the airport now stands at

It has

  • 4 Runways
  • 2 passenger terminals
  • Air Cargo Center
  • Fixed operators and helicopter companies.

The terminals consist of

  • Terminal 1
    • 94 gates
    • Across 4 concourses (A,B,C,D)
  • Terminal 3
    • 14 gates
    • Concourse E

It does have a people mover

  • Green line
    • Terminal with C gates
  • Blue line
    • Terminal with D Gates
  • Red Line
    • Terminal 3 D Gates


The airport has been named the following since Clark County took it over

  • McCarran
    • US senator that represented Nevada, 1933-1954
  • Harry Reid
    • US senator that also represented Nevada from 1987 to 2017

Airline base

The airport is a base of operations to

  • Allegiant Air
  • Frontier Airlines
  • South West
  • Spirit


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