Kansas City Airport

I have talked about this airport here (https://travelingwithjustin.com/airport-kansas-city/). However, so much has changed since that post in 2019.


In 1966, a bond of 150 million was approved for the future airport, where TWA was hubbed.

However, let’s start at the beginning. The great flood of 1951 destroyed the facilities of both airlines in Kansas City. TWA main overhaul base, and Mid-Continent Airlines. This was at what was called the Fairfax Airport. However, Kansas City Municipal Airport wasn’t that damaged.

TWA moved its overhaul base to the airport in 1954, as long as the city built a $18 million base for them. In 1963, a Federal Aviation Agency memo called Kansas City’s downtown airport one of the poorest major airports for the large jets—no more money for them.

This is where the airport of the future comes into play. They looked for other sites to build the airport but decided to stick with what they owned.

TWA heavily influenced the airport building as it envisioned moving people to the rest of the world with supersonic air travel and the 747s.

Not really a good airport design, that is, in my opinion. But that is how the airport was designed and has been used since 1972.

 New Airport

Kansas City has a new airport, making it bigger and better.

In March 2019, they knocked down Terminal A and started to build a new airport. It was going to cost about $1.5 Billion to build the new airport.

The new airport opened on February 28, 2023. In my opinion, this was a much better build than the previous one. A lot more walking, but it is much nicer. More places to eat and shop. One TSA checkpoint. Makes it nice.

Big gate areas. I only wish they would put more of these in more gates (The Desks)


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