Flight to Kansas

The flight to Kansas City consisted of 2 different flights, and we will cover them both here.

SLC to Denver

Since this was with Southwest, we were boarding parties C—5,6,7 and 8. However, there was a couple that wouldn’t give up their spot in line—entitled much?

We took off on time; however, during the flight, we had a medical issue, and they asked if any medical professionals were on board. The guy next to me rang the bell. However, they had two doctors and a PA up closer to the front of the ship. I am unsure what was happening, but I hope she is alright.

We did have to stay seated until the responders could come in and take care of her.

Other than that, we only hit mild turbulence. I didn’t sit next to the family. Since I found a few seats and sat down, I thought someone from the family would sit. Nope, they went to the back of the plane.

I did talk to someone who was going to Kansas City for the same reason we were. However, they were Chiefs fans. Nothing wrong with that. We got our drinks a bit late; however, no snacks.

Denver to Kansas City

I believe we landed at gate C63, and we had to walk clear over to C29. That was a good long walk. It’s a good thing we had plenty of time to get there. I was looking for the gate that went to Kansas City since gate 29 said this.

However, it did say this as well.

I’m not sure why it kept switching back and forth.

We boarded the flight in group C again, and once again a couple wouldn’t let us get to where our number was. However, they couldn’t board the plane when we arrived because they were at the back of group C. Ha! Ha!

I headed to the back of the plane, and this is where I was sitting

There was another medical issue on the airplane before we took off. So we had to deal with that and were late taking off. It was about 30 minutes before the push-off.

Sitting in the back, there was plenty of luggage space. However, I found the first one and put my bag in it. I should have waited.

This would look like if my son and I were to sit together.

However, we were able to spread out because no one else came on the plane, even though it was sold out, which made it pleasant.

There was no service on this flight due to storms and turbulence. It’s a good thing I had a Built bar before the flight.


It was fine despite having two medical issues on the planes, one in mid-air and one before we took off, which delayed us.


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