Airplane to Kansas City

The flight to Kansas City was on two different airplanes; we will cover them both in this post.

SLC to Denver

This portion was on a B737-800.

 The plane was configured in a 3 x 3 configuration, with just a single aisle down the middle.


You have a seat and tray table, and that is about all. You can log on to the Wi-Fi and watch your entertainment. But I opted not to do that. There are no outlets or USB charging. They should add those.

It was a very crowded flight to Denver.

Denver to Kansas City

I was on a B737-Max8, which was a bit newer than the previous flight.

But still the same features.

All the B 737s are configured in a 3×3 seating and have a central aisle.

This is what it looks like when two big-shouldered people sit next to each other.


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