Airport Kansas City

I can’t really say much about this airport as my wife was in a hurry and didn’t want me to take some photos. So here you go.


Got off the plane and bam, you are exiting the airport. I had to use the bathroom and that was a mistake, only 2 count them 2 stalls. 1 toilet and 1 Urinal. had to wait for a few minutes.  Took about 15 steps and we were out of the secured area. This is what it looked like

One of the terminals at the airport

I was going to grab a picture of the baggage claim area but my wife was out the door on the way to the Rental car bus location. We had to wait like 25 min for that. So there was some time.

This is what the outside of the airport looked like.

Car Rental Place

We got there got the car and left. I wanted to document it a little bit better. But I guess I will have to travel alone to do that.