Island of Maui

This is the second-largest island in Hawaii and the largest in Maui County for islands.


It is located here


Here are some facts

  • Highest point
    • Haleakala
  • Flower
    • Lokelani
  • Color
    • Akala (pink)
  • Population
    • 164,221 (2021)
  • Airports
    • Hana Airport
    • Kahului Airport
    • Kapalua


Is a 2 season year. Yea, there is the tropical season and something called uniform.  It is said that Maui has a wide range of climatic conditions. It depends on where you are at.

From my experience, it rained almost nonstop for the first 4 days where we stayed at. The next 4 days, well it didn’t rain. Different areas, different climates.


Tourism is the major industry in Maui. During the early 2000’s they thought about the rapid growth in real estate and whether to halt it or continue it. But a lot of people started to move to Maui over the years.


What sports can you do on the island of Maui? Well there are

  • Snorkeling
    • Over 30 beaches around the island make it good
  • Windsurfing
    • Kanaha Beach is a great place to do this
  • Surfing
    • Yea, Hawaii and surfing is a good things
  • Kitesurfing
    • Kanaha Beach park is a great place.