Flight to Maui

The flight to Maui, I mean was not that long. But it was needed as you can’t drive there

Hawaiian Airlines

To fly to different islands and fly Hawaiian you need to go out of terminal 5. Yea, it is a long walk from the car rental place.

The wife’s TSA pre-check wasn’t working, correctly so she went with the kids through the general boarding line. I spent like 3 minutes in line and then I got through without a hassle. It was nice.


Here is where we flew from

Once we boarded the plane was small, I mean it was a Boeing 717-200, and here are some facts

  • Seating for 123-128
  • First class
    • 8 seats
    • 2-2 configuration
  • Main Cabin
    • 115
    • 2-3 configuration

We had seats on the left-hand side of the plane,  that is once you were sitting down. There it was 2 seats.

We took off and got to cruising altitude and then we got some snacks and before you knew it we were landing.

It took all of 40 min or so to get from Honolulu to Maui.  It cost about $95 dollars for that ticket the day before Thanksgiving.


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