Panama City, Panama

The capital of Panama is a great place to live. Let’s find out more.


Here are some facts

  • Founded on
    • August 15, 1519
  • Founded by
    • Pedro Arias de Avita
  • Population
    • Capital city
      • 1,938,000
    • Urban
      • 1,500,189



When founded in 1519, it took a few years, but it was the launching port or place for the conquest of Peru. It was also a transit place to ship the gold and silver to Spain.

In 1520, the Genoese merchants controlled the port and the region’s commerce. There was a lot of slave trade going on.

In 1671, Henry Morgan and 1,400 men looted the city that had been destroyed by fire. You can still visit this area as it is in ruins and a popular tourist area.

Once the canal was built, it became a major route, and during World War II, the US had a vast military presence there. The canal also brought a lot of unprecedented levels of prosperity to the city.

Panama City is known for its banking system.


It has a lot of heritage sites

  • Panama Viejo
  • Casco Viejo or Casco Antiguo
  • The Cinta Costera 3 in Casco Viejo

It has Literature and Art as well as a lot of Tourism.



Yes, there are sports in Panama City. They include the following:

  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer


They have what is called twinned cities, and they are

Charleston, United StatesLiverpool, England, UK
Davao City, PhillppinesMadrid, Spain
Fort Lauderdale, United StatesMedellin, Colombia
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Incheon, South KoreaTaipei, Taiwan
Kaohslung, Taiwan 

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