Panama Canal Excursions, Ruby

We changed our excursion to this port. We decided to use the locks. We looked forward to an up close and personal look at how the locks work.

Oct. 23, 2023

Some civil unrest started to happen between the people of Panama and the government. The government contracted a Canadian Mining company to continue work on Central America’s largest open-pit copper mine. That didn’t sit well with the people.


Then, on Oct. 31, 2023, the captain informed us that we would sit in the bay and not get off the ship. Panama was in a state of siege. There were roadblocks and protests in the streets. Schools were canceled, and no one went to work—gas and propane shortages. A lot of the supermarket shelves were bare.

Then, the captain made the decision not to go to Panama City. They were citing passenger safety.

Sea Day

It wasn’t a sea day as we didn’t go anywhere. We just got fuel and didn’t move at all. It was an extra day to relax and do things.

Seeing the locks up close was not a fun and exciting day.