From Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta

Wanted a non-stop flight form Florida to SLC, but I didn’t want to go to Orlando via the Brightline train. We opted to fly to SLC via Atlanta.


We discussed the 757 before, like the previous post, and what that had to offer. The flight was uneventful. I mean, it was a full flight. My wife sat across from me, I sat on a row with her parents. I thought it would be better than having someone sit beside us. My wife said that she will sit by strangers..

Comfort plus

We, or I, opted to get Comfort Plus. It just provides a bit more room. It’s not that much, but it does give some room. Watching people come by is exciting, as is how people look at you as they pass you to the back.

I had a Coke and some crackers. Not too bad.


Watching people board the plane, I found one person who brought a pet onto the plane. Don’t get me wrong, pets are OK at home. But, for some people, pets can be deadly. I mean that I am allergic to certain dogs and cats. My eyes will swell up, and I have a hard time breathing. Luckily, they sat far from me.

Just leave your pets at home. People come on a plane to go somewhere and do not have an allergic reaction. I want to enjoy my trip as well.

Enough of my rant.


I just worked on writing on my iPad. I didn’t have time to watch a movie.

  • The Flash
  • Fast X
  • John wick
  • Hunt for Red October
  • And so on

Wanted to watch something


We left early and arrived early. We made pretty good time. It was a good flight for the first leg of the journey home.