Airplane to Atlanta

Since we are flying Delta back from FT, Lauderdale, there wasn’t a non-stop flight that we could have taken. So we had to do a layover. For the first leg of the journey, we flew on a 757.

Boeing 757

It is a narrow-body airliner built by Boeing with several different variants. The first flight happened on February 19, 1982. The primary users of the 757 are the following:

  • Delta Airlines
    • The largest with127 of them
  • FedEx Express
  • United Airlines
  • UPS Airlines

They were produced from 1981 to 2004, and 1,050 were built. That is, throughout the production, and as of 2017, 665 of them were in service.



With the success of the 747, Boeing started to look at expanding the narrow-body aircraft. They wanted to capitalize on the success of the 727 and focus on fuel efficiency. This was due to the way in Yom Kippur War that was in 1973.

During the development, they started to drift more to the design of the 767. Boeing merged the two developments; you can see the same things in both designs.

It took seven months of test flights to get this to move forward. They used all five of the first built planes to certify the plane.

The first commercial 757 flight on January 1, 1983, was on the Eastern Airlines, the Atlanta to Tampa route. Wow, that isn’t that long of a flight, in my opinion.


This will vary depending on the plane you take, but I took this from the Delta website since that is the one I flew on.

Here is what the Layout means

Here are the seats

It breaks down into the following:

  • First class
    • 20 seats
  • Delta Comfort +
    • 41 seats
  • Main Cabin
    • 132 Seats

The amenities are the following:

  • Wifi
  • USB in-seat Power
  • In seat outlet
  • Personal Video
  • Satellite TV


I love the 757; I like its design and Layout. However, this is being phased out. I would say jump on one while you can.