Food for July 12, 2020

Of course, you have to eat right, I mean you can go without food for a couple of days. You need water to survive. It isn’t like the cruises where you have all the food you can handle. But in this Covid-19 era and you travel you have to figure out what you are wanting to eat.


With the Continental breakfast being canceled due to Covid-19,

we have to figure out what to eat. That is why we went to Wal-Mart and got some stuff. So I ate a Pop-Tart, I know a great breakfast for me.

— picture–


For lunch I had a Turkey Sandwich and some chips.


We went to Vicco’s Charcoalburger drive inn, and they proudly serve Coca Cola, they will even fill up your own water bottle. Nice. The food was good. My phone died before I could get a picture of it. But we got the following:

  • Me
    • A southwest Chicken Sandwich
    • A lemonade
  • Wife
    • Bacon Avocado and Tomato sandwich
    • Diet Coke
    • Small Fry
    • Cheese sticks
  • 1st son
    • Charcoal Cheesesteak
    • Cotton Candy shake
    • Large Fry
  • 2nd son
    • Double Elk burger
    • Large Lemonade
    • Onion rings (which he said he would share but didn’t)

My wife only had to go back twice

  • They gave her a Coke instead of Diet
  • They didn’t do the Bacon crisp enough
  • They didn’t but avocado on it

Overall it was a good place to eat. Something new is always a good thing. Here are some pictures.  (not of the food)


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