Enchanted, Deck 7

Once we boarded the ship from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, we came aboard on Deck 7. I have decided to start with Deck 7.

The Promenade

This is where the first deck, which is accessible to the public, goes from front to back. It has a wide-open view of deck 5, the “some name”.  You can enter and leave the ship on this deck. Well, it depends on the port of course. If you are tendering, then that is on deck 4.

What is offered

The following is offered on the Promenade deck

  • Princess Theater
    • The top half
  • The shops of Princess
  • Bellinis
    • Seafood bar
  • Gigi’s Pizzeria
    • It was Alfedros on Regal
  • Bistro Sur La Mer
    • French Specialty restaurant
  • Ocean Front
  • Princess Live Café
  • Princess Live
  • Crown Grill
    • Specialty restaurant
  • Crown Gill Bar
  • Vista Lounge

This deck is full of stuff that can be adventurous.

Board the ship

Yes, this is the main deck you board the ship on. You can board it on deck 6 and deck 5.  I can see why they make this where you board and onboard.  This is full of shops, which aren’t open while in port. Only after we enter international waters. One of the great places to gather and socialize.

The pizza at Gigi’s, I hear is pretty good. It was always busy and we never got to eat there.

Princess Live

This is set up a bit differently on this ship than it was on the Regal. This is more open, on the Regal you entered in and there was a wall. I had to take a screenshot of the Regal One from a video.

All Deck

This is the first deck you can walk the length of the ship. I mean from the front to the back of the ship. Deck 5 and 6 you can’t do this. This is where the lifeboats are located as well. You have the deck on the outside of the ship. 


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