Boarding the Ship

The shuttle service picked us up from the hotel and took us to the port over in Brooklynn.  It was a nice drive.


Once our group was called we headed to the ship.

It was a long walk as we went through some different things. We finally got to the catwalk and we walked in one direction and then we turned around and walked back in the direction we just came. We then turned and we are on the ship.


We had to go and check-in, we scanned the medallion and we were on the ship. They did ask me if my camera was on. I said no. It was on. I will just edit that part out.


Once we got thru everything at the cruise terminal, getting on the ship was fairly simple. The rooms were ready and we headed there to put our stuff away. I didn’t want to lug that 22 lb backpack all around. That was a great time getting on the ship. Very simple and easy.

View from the ship


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