The Medallion

It is something that princes are doing on all of their ships now. It “works” with the medallion app on your phone to order drinks and things.


It came on Sept. 9, 2022, in a princess pouch. I unboxed them and then put them together.  My wife took hers and I put mine in my tech backpack. So it wouldn’t get lost.

They are used for

In the past, we would be issued cruise cards at the terminal to get into our stateroom and charge things to your account. This replaces the need for a card. This is a blue tooth technology and it does the following:

  • Unlocks your room
  • Pays for your stuff
  • Help locate you on the ship for your drink orders
  • You can track your shipmates around the ship
    • No, not everyone
    • Just the people you add so you can add your kids
    • Your cabin mate
    • Your group of people you came cruising with
    • You know like find my friends on iPhones
  • Clocks in and out of the ship when you go off the ship


You can get a lot of holders for your little medallion. This is what came with it for my first one on the left and on the right, is what it came with my second one.

You can get a variety of other options


Here is a video

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