Double Tree Inn PCC 2023

  • Room Comfort
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Staff Services
  • Wi-Fi, Free
  • Shuttle
  • Facilities

Name of Hotel

Double Tree inn


2800 Via Cabrillo-marina, San Pedro, CA 90731


San Pedro Double Tree Inn

Room Comfort:

We stayed in room 134, it was quite a walk to get to the room, but that is OK. The room was good and cold. It felt so good nice and cold. It was a nice room. However, it is darker than dark in the room. I know it is just a hotel room, but still get some light in the rooms. The bathroom was dark and my wife complained about that. The fan also didn’t work in the bathroom.

Room Cleanliness:

You walk into the room and it was clean and nice. It didn’t look run down or old. Like some of the rooms that we have stayed in.


For the price we paid for one night, $244.14, yes that is how much we paid for the room. But it was close to the port, they offered a shuttle service to the cruise port. So that was a plus.

Staff Services:

This area they excelled in at this hotel. They gave us warm cookies upon check-in and I went and had an issue. I asked for a couple more cookies and they gave them to me. We did have an issue with the patio door and they came out and fixed the door. Even went and got a couple of Diet Cokes and more cookies.


When first logging in, it asked to sign up for Hilton Honors. I am already a member, but it offers me an option about logging in. I then found the promo code that I could enter. Once I figured that out it was good. Of course, I enabled the VPN to protect myself while connected to the internet. Not sure what kind it was. I didn’t see any access points. It did its job. I was able to

  • Check my email
  • Surf the web.
  • Sync my notes
  • Sync my blog posts

I couldn’t sync my photos to iCloud and I never tried to upload a video.


The building was huge, I mean it is right next to a Yacht club and it has a lot of conference rooms. The maintenance crew was amazing. They came and fixed the door going out to the pool. I went to close it and lock it and it broke, didn’t know I had that much power.


They fixed it and then brought my wife a couple of Diet Coke and more cookies.


This wasn’t a free breakfast, but it was a sit-down and pay. We got an All-American breakfast and split it between the two of us.

We just charged dinner and breakfast to our room.


It was a good place to stay and it was a convenient place to stay. Nice area and it was a big place and it looks like a lot of people use it to host meetings.

Was it worth it

In a way it was worth it, it had a free shuttle to the cruise port, but if you needed to go to a store or find something else to eat besides the onsite restaurant. If you have a car you could go places, but we didn’t. Yes, they charge a $15 parking fee per day.