Delta Flight

Traveling to Philadelphia via Delta is a great thing. Beats driving there. I will be there in about 4 hours compared to the 2 to 3 days drive.

We boarded just fine. We had comfort + (plus) so we boarded early and we had plenty of storage for our bags and backpacks.  We sat in 12F and 12D and no one sat by us, so we had the whole row to ourselves.

Take off

We had to wait our turn due to visibility issues it took about a half-hour to taxi and take off. It was a smooth take-off and once we were above the fog it was a nice view.


The flight had movies and a live dish TV. However, it didn’t have ABC so no good football games to watch. They did have ESPN, but I choose to watch Hobbs and Shaw, part of The Fast and Furious franchise for the second time, it is a good movie a bit unrealistic but aren’t they all. I also worked on my iPad.

We landed and it was a good flight, no major problems. We had plenty of room, with no one sitting by us. There was a nice tailwind pushing us along.