Airport — SLC

It was a hazy morning here at the Salt Lake International airport. It was fine until we got downtown and the airport. We got off the shuttle and walked over to the escalators went upstairs to the security line.

Located here

A new one is being built


At the Salt Lake International airport security at the Delta, the terminal is up on the second level. Once we got up there was a long line for general boarding. (Little secret go to the Southwest terminal the wait is shorter)  We walked right through security without the wait, thanks to TSA precheck. The rest of our party had to wait in the general boarding. They waited for about 35 min.

Gate D5

We walked towards the gate, we saw like 4 or 5 dogs with people, glad that they weren’t on my plane. Now don’t get all up in my face and be angry at me. I like dogs, but I am allergic to certain dogs’ hair and cat hair, and I just would like to continue to breathe.  We waited and we boarded the plane. Nothing too exciting here.


My opinion

Salt Lake airport is improving and expanding which would be nice. I just hope they improve security wait times. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, just not around me. I am allergic to certain hairs on animals and I don’t want to sit next to one for 3 + hours and fight for breath. If they have to bring their dog then they should stay home.