Parking Spot, The

Something to challenge Diamond parking and the countless other airport parking places they have at Salt Lake International.


The parking spot is located here


We pulled hoping we were at the right spot as the visibility was low, it was the right spot. We opted for the uncovered parking and after we scanned the reservation on the app, we proceed to Double CC and parked. The shuttle was right there to pick us up. 


It was nice and clean and made one more stop and then proceeded to take us to the airport all of the passengers were flying Delta this morning. The driver grabbed a couple of bags as we de-shuttled (is that even a word).

Coming Back

My wife clicked on the app and we walked outside and the shuttle was there. I found my card that said where the car was at and it was a full shuttle going back. I started the car when we were on the way. We got the car and it was our turn. We got off, my hands were full, I gave them a tip and I thought they grabbed, meaning my party, got my bag. But they didn’t, I know I would have gotten theirs, so we had to track down the shuttle and grab my bag.

Besides that, I really liked the Parking spot. It was cheaper than the other ones I have used.