Deck 6, Brilliance of the Seas

What does Deck 6 of Brilliance of the Seas store for us?

Deck 6

It is a happening spot on the ship. It consists of the following from Front to back:

  • Pacifica Theatre
  • Cinema
  • King and County Pub
  • Casino Royale
  • View of the Centurm
  • Vintages
  • Chops
  • Schooner bar
  • Giovani’s Table
  • The colony club
  • Chefs table

This stretches from Front to back of the ship with no staterooms.

It is pretty cool that they have a cinema on board where you can go and watch movies.

They had some pretty comfy chairs to sit at, if you could get some during the day.

Here are some pictures

Deck 7 mentions

It is mentioned only due to the business services area.

But other than that, it is all staterooms.


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