Day 8, Thursday Overview

The last day for the trip as we are leaving the great state of Missouri, the show me state. Here is what we did today.


We got up and started to pack and got all the stuff we needed to be done. We were able to fit everything that we brought but 1 thing. That was 4oz of some Oil. That will have to find it’s way to us in a few weeks. Left a lot of the treats we bought the first day there in Saint Robert. Hopefully, they will be eaten.

Fort Lenordwood

We went to a graduation ceremony of some of the soldiers we just met this week. It was an interesting thing. I talked about Fort Lenordwood in a separate post.


We drove to St. Louis as that is where our plane is taking off from. We stopped by the LDS temple there in St. Louis before returning the car. We had to find the enterprise car rental place, it was way out there.


We got here and went through security pretty quickly, I had to leave bottled water and  2 cans of Coke behind. What a tragic moment. I guess I could have just drunk them really quickly. I thought I could go thru 10 cans in a week. I guess overestimated my drinking power. Whenever I was thirsty I didn’t have them with me.


It was a very very full plane and the overhead bins barely fit my backpack in it. So we had to check some luggage. The bins are very very small, a lot of people were in my situation. This is a flight that is operated by Skywest but doing business as Delta.

Not sure what the plane is, but it is only 4 seats across, with an aisle in between. So like 2 seat aisle then 2 seats. With 1st class having 1 then aisle and then 2 seats. It was interesting. Just as long as it makes it to where I am going I am fine.