Overview of the Missouri trip

The. Trip to Missouri started in Salt Lake City and ended back in Salt Lake City with stops in Cameron, Kansas City, Branson, St. Robert, St. Louis. It was a good 8 days of fun and enjoyable time in the show me state.

We saw a baseball game, a show in Branson, and ate too much food. It was humid and hotter than hot. We saw a lot of history and it was good to see a different state.


For never ever visiting here, I know I am late to the game. But the show me state has a lot of history of the things I am interested in.  Just seeing this state and the role it played in the United States.

The role played in the Civil war and in Religion. The good and bad depends on how you look at it or what side of the fence you are on.

It has some professional sports teams.

Finial Thoughts

I enjoyed my stay there for those 8 days. Yes, 8 days isn’t a lot to explore a state like Missouri. I could go back and see more of that place. So if you would like to or have a desire to visit the show me state, I would recommend it.

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