Day 6, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, Alaska Trip

Glacier Bay National Park

in between Skagway and Ketchikan, we are doing some scenic cruising in Glacier Bay. We started this journey at about 6 AM. So I skipped the international Cafe this morning and made my way to sit here and look at the view.

We paid for this cabin for the use of it to look at what Alaska had to offer and we have used it very little due to the rain. But today was a nice day and it was clear and you could see the beauty of this bay. During the day Michael Modzelewski has a lifetime contract with Princess Cruise line (as so it says on his website). He has written several books and appeared on TV shows.

Anyway, he was on the speaker today, and he was talking about this bay and how it wasn’t around 200 years ago. It was still all ice back 200 years ago when someone, can’t think of their name, came looking for a faster trade route to over the top of the world. So over the course of 200 years, the Glacier has melted and formed this bay that we are in today.

We traveled in the bay until 3 PM and then we set sail for Victoria, B.C. Canada. Here is a picture of us with Michael. He called me a tough guy. I didn’t have a coat on. It really wasn’t that cold, maybe like 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. I got this several times from the crew when they would see me out and about without a coat on.

This was taken about 11 PM at night.

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