Day 2, Saturday, May 26, 2018, Alaska Trip

Morning time at the hotel

This morning came up fast, I never do sleep well when traveling or in general. Got up and got ready for the day. Went and got more towels, and then I went and ate breakfast which consisted of

  • Belgium waffles
  • Sausage
  • Eggs
  •  orange juice (lots of it)

There were many more options but, that is what I got. I went back to the room got the rest up and at them, so I can pack up everything and try to get going before the shuttle got there. I was told that we still had three hours. But as it turned out, we took until 9:30 to get everything packed.

Leaving for the port

Got on the Seattle Express, second time using them. They picked us up from the hotel and took us to the cruise port. We got there about 11 AM and here is the break down of the what happens once we got to the port:

  • Got there at 11 AM
  • Checked baggage
  • Walked up and they check the passports, didn’t have to fill out anything about sickness or anything.
  • Walked thru security
  • Checked in
  • And walked onto the ship all with a 1/2 hour.

The suggested a check-in time of 2 PM for us, but I didn’t want to wait that long. So that is why we got there at 11 AM.  They did something different this year for boarding the ship they spit you into different groups depending on your cabins and you went different ways.

Since we had aft rooms we boarded on deck 7,

We couldn’t go to our rooms until 1 PM, and they herd us like cattle to the buffet. I asked four different crew members where the dining room is that is open and we attempted to go there, but they kept on pushing us to the buffet. My son would have been better in the dining room with his scooter. But they wouldn’t allow us to do this. I didn’t like this one bit. I don’t like to be heard to one general location, like cattle to the slaughter. When I knew that the dining room was open. It even said it on the platter.

We ate and then we walked around and went to the room.  We are in room E731, here is a video of it


We unpacked and got the room set up so we could settle into for the week. I am glad that we got a suite as it is crowded enough with four people and now we added a scooter and crutches to the mix it will be an interesting mix.

We changed for dinner, my kids didn’t like that I insisted on a polo shirt, you know the ones with a collar. I just think it looks better. One fought me on it and didn’t wear one and the other one did and he wasn’t happy about it at all.  Our dining room was Da Vinci and we were supposed to have been eating with our group, as we confirmed with Princess over the phone on a dozen of phone calls working things out. However, four of us was seated at table 475 and the other 7 was seated at 460 at 5:15 PM. Not sure why they did this after confirming that we were together, we confirmed this with 3 different people many times.

The kids went back to the room we went to explore and we had some pizza and the wife had ice cream.  Walked thru the buffet to see what they had to offer. Got back to the room and the sofa bed and the upper bed was pulled down. Here is what that looks like.


Bed down in the mini suite.

I think we were all asleep by like 9 as it was a long 48 hours.

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