BYU Fan Fest

When the BYU football team travels anywhere, there is a big fan base. Especially in Vegas.  So they threw a thing together called the fan fest.

What is it

To get the fans excited about the game, not sure if BYU did this or whoever did this. But they got access to a park and had the following:

  • Food trucks
  • BYU Bookstore
  • BYU concessions
    • Ice cream
    • Cougar Tails
  • Tents
  • BYU Sports TV and Radio
    • I am sure you can see me on TV
    • Scott Mitchell, a former U of U QB, Looks good in Blue
  • Actitives for the kids and adults


Of course, we got some stuff, mostly free t-shirts, and things like that. I put together a video. Watch that below.

We got a cougar tail is just a huge maple donut, I was going to grab a picture of it, but I thought it would be there in the morning. But, it wasn’t. So much for that.

My thoughts

Yes, this was a fun adventure and something that brought a lot of people to. It was a fun place to go. It is good for BYU fans to grab some merchandise and cougar tails.

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