• Room Comfort
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Wi-Fi, Free
  • Facilities


Room Comfort:

This was actually a 1 bedroom apartment with a fold-out sofa bed so it was a nice spread out layout.

Room Cleanliness:

It was cleaned and nothing was out of place. Some old bread and cereal was left behind


For $243 dollars a night, it was on the steep side on my scale. The wife wanted to try out the Airbnb. So we tried out an Airbnb. It was nice, as it had 2 separate living spaces.

Staff Services:

There wasn’t any staff to deal with. However, we did text asking if where the other pillowcases were at and they brought 4 moreover and hung them on the door. So that was a plus in my book.


They did have a secured WIFI. I did a speed test and it came back to

  • 126Mbps on the download
  • 40.6 Mbps on the upload

So the download is comparable to my upload speed at home.


In looking at this online, we had booked one before and had to cancel since there is no elevator. So we booked this one, come to find out that this didn’t have an elevator as well. Of course, it was on the 4th floor and you have to walk up the stairs. I usually wouldn’t mind. But, it was a pain carrying up a 26-pound backpack and a 30-pound suitcase. For a younger person it would be ok but for me. It was a pain.

The pictures that we saw on aren’t the place we are staying in.


It was good since we had to get our own from Target down the street. So this isn’t an option.


I really liked this Airbnb and despite the walk up 4 floors to get this. Doing this after a long day is hard on my body.  The kitchen was a bit small but doable. Just be careful not to turn on the stove.

Was it worth it

It had good views of the city and was within walking distance to most things in Philly. I know since I have walked this area over the course of several days.


We need a place to stay in Philadelphia and we wanted to try something different than the standard hotel. So we tried an Airbnb called City Center Philly Brownstone. It was up 4 flights of stairs and sadly no elevator; not very Americans with Disabilities act friendly. It was nice.  

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