Overview of the Philly Trip

The tip to Philly or Philadelphia was a trip to see the history of the city and to catch a football game. It was a good trip and I would do it again. When I can run up the rocky stairs as Rocky did. If you can go I would.

The Trip

The trip started out as a way to go an Eagles game. But it was so much more than just a game. We all went with a purpose and what were those purposes:

  • The two Eagles fans went for the game against the Giants
    • They both want to be history teachers
  • I went for the history of the city and to explore what the city has to offer.
    • The game was just a bonus

With the history of the United States of America and what Philadelphia brought to the table. It was a central location for the colonies.  They had the liberty bell, Independence Hall, which was the first place congress was at.  The first capital of the newly formed country.


Was it a success? In my opinion, it was I not only able to see the Eagles beat the NY Giants in OT right in front of our seats. We ate at Geno’s.  We saw the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall. The Rocky stairs and the LDS Temple.

If you ever get the chance to go to Philly I would do it even if you aren’t going to a football, baseball or basketball game. There is just so much history to see and experience.

Just do it!!