Wifi, Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess has upgraded to Star-link, and was it good? Let’s find out.


Is a satellite internet operated by Space X. This internet provides internet to over 71 countries. I think it covers most of the cruise lines out there as well. You can find out more about StarLink by doing a Google search.

Is it Good

Well, it is better than the internet we had last year on the Enchanted Princess. My wife and I got four devices each, which made it pleasant for me. I didn’t have to give up my devices so my wife could play a game.

The internet was pretty good throughout the trip. Yes, there were some hiccups along the way. But that is how it is all over the place. I have hiccups at home.

The upload speeds were not that great, but it was doable. Here was a test for Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023, outside Panama City.

I uploaded a few videos while on the ship, which took a little while. One was about 586Mbs, and that took 2 hours. Another was over a GB, and I just let it go overnight.

My wife worked from the ship, and they said her video and audio were better on the boat than at home. I think her power hub at home is having issues.

I was able to do the stream/look at the following:

  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tic Tok
  • Email
  • Surfing the web


I have all Apple products, and my goal was to take pictures and have them sync with my MacBook. Then, I can organize the images in the appropriate folders for the cruise. However, all the photos I took on my iPhone wouldn’t sync up to the cloud to sync down to the MacBook.


The questions I should ask myself about the internet are the following:

  • Was it worth the price?
  • Was it nice to have four devices per person?
  • Was it quick?

To answer those questions is something you will have to ask yourself. But here are my answers.

  • Was it worth the price?
    • This was part of our package, which I will talk about next. But it was lovely.
    • Yes, it was worth the price. Peace of mind so my wife could stay in touch with some ticktock’s
  • Was it nice to have four devices per person?
    • Yes, it was very nice. I only used three devices
      • MacBook
      • iPad
      • iPhone
      • Gave one to my in-laws.
    • Wife used
      • One for her work laptop
      • iPad
      • iPhone
      • And one to her parents.
  • Was it quick?
    • It was good enough to do
      • My wife did work
      • I uploaded videos
      • Synced my data over the cloud.
      • The iPhone wouldn’t sync for some reason.

You must decide whether to do this and spend the money on it.


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