I talked about this over here; however, I have more information now that I have experienced it on my third Princess Cruise ship. Let’s get my opinion.

What is it

It is the cruise card for Princess. You have to use it to do the following:

  • Check-in and Check off the ship
  • Order drinks
  • Charge things on the ship
  • Tracking device
  • Unlock your door

Yes, it is a tracking device. Let me explain.


It is like an Apple AirTag you must carry, and your cruise party knows where you are. This makes it possible for Ocean Now delivery to find you for your order.

This made it nice for when I ordered stuff, and they found me with my drinks. So, of course, they tracked me. I mean, if I could look at my data and see my path of walking around the ship for 15 nights and what I did. It would be interesting to see how often I visited the international café.

Drinking Package

When I would stop off at the international café every morning to get my wife something from the café, I would stop by the bar, and they would give me a Diet Coke, and they were like you are all good, Justin. We got you. It made it pleasant to get things. One morning, I ordered a hot chocolate, and I didn’t hear them call my name when it was done. So they just walked it over to me. I was filming a video.


This is my opinion from Oct. 22 – Nov. 6, 2023, when the old app was just not that good. I did have some issues, but not as many as other people did. I didn’t see the orange Fanta Soda on the app menu when I ordered my drinks, but it was okay. I work in technology, know things aren’t perfect, and deal with it. I just shut the app down and ensured all my other apps were closed, and then I tried again.

But I hear the new app is good. I will have to go on another Princess cruise to find out.


It is just like a cruise card but smaller and more accessible to lose. But it is just another technology that tracks your every movement and activity. Princess is the only one that offers this type of cruise card. I like it. They even have your captain circle color on it

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