Well, I got this place mixed up with Wallaburger, you know the place that Mark Warburg owns.

 The place

This is what it looks like

It is sort of like In-n-Out, but they serve chicken as well.


Here is the menu

 They have Chicken here as well. This is what the family got:

  • Wife
    • Bacon and Cheese
    • Fries
    • Diet Coke
  • Firstborn son
    • Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich
    • Fries
    • Dr. Pepper Shake
  • Niece
    • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
    • Fries
    • Drink
  • Second son
    • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
    • Fries
    • Dr. Pepper Shake
  • Me
    • Whataburger meal
      • Whataburger burger
      • Fries
      • Neapolitan Shake

Most of us tried the spicy ketchup and it was pretty good.

My thoughts

I really wanted to enjoy the food. Something new. Ok, so it is just a hamburger, but it is a new place to try. Instead of the normal places, I usually eat at. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat that much but from what I ate, it was really good. The shake was good. But, ice cream is always good.

Would I eat here again? Yes, I would. I would do a specialty sandwich. I hear they are the best.

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