Washington State

This is located at the top of the North West of the United States.


Is that the capital of America? Yes, that is Washington, D.C., or just D.C. Washington is the 42 state that was admitted to the union.

Washington State Facts

Here are some facts

  • Capital:
    • Olympia
  • Largest city:
    • Seattle
  • Largest Metro area
    • Seattle
  • Highest elevation
    • Mount Rainier
      • 14,411 ft
  • Lowest Elevation
    • 0 ft
      • Ocean of course
  • Time zone
    • Pacific time
  • Nickname:
  • Population: 7,785,786
  • Ranking in population: 13th in the United States

The layout of the USA at the time it became a state

This is from 1882-1889

Mount St. Helens

There is a mountain in Washington that was a Volcano that woke up on March 27, 1980, and by 8:32 AM on May 18, 1980, it finally gave up and blew its top.

You can read more about that here.

All I knew was that it was a powerful eruption, and I had ash on my lawn from that. I have heard that the explosion was just powerful.

It is said about 58 people lost their lives that day. Some of them include

  • Harry R Truman
    • World War I Vet
  • Photographers
    • Reid Blackburn
    • Robert Landsburg
  • Geologist
    • David A Johnston
  • Countless animals

The eruption left Hundreds of square miles reduced to wasteland and over $1 Billion in damage.


Here are some numbers for Religion

Mainline Protestant25%
Black Church2%
Latter-Day Saint4%


Yes, this has some sports teams, and here are the sports

OL ReignSoccerNational Womens Soccer LeagueLumen FieldSeattle
Seattle KrakenHockeyNational Hockey LeagueClimate Pledge ArenaSeattle
Seattle MarinersBaseballNational Baseball LeagueT-moblie ParkSeattle
Seattle SoundersSoccerMajor League Soccer (west)Lumen FieldSeattle
Seattle SeahawksFootballNational Football League (NFC)Lumen FieldSeattle
Seattle StormBasketballWomen’s National Basketball AssociationClimate Pledge ArenaSeattle

There are also many Minor Pro teams and Amateur teams in the state.


This is a great state. It has a lot of diversity and great outdoor things to do. Yes, most of the focus is on the Seattle area. But the rest of the state has some great things to do.