State of Florida

What is the state of Florida all about? Well, read on to find out.


  • Capital
    • Tallahassee
  • Largest City
    • Jacksonville
  • Largest County or equivalent
    • Miami-Dade
  • Largest Meto
    • South Florida
  • Population
    • 22,610,726
      • Rank 3rd in the United States


Well, Florida has the longest cast line in the contiguous United States.  It is boarded by the following:

  • To the North
    • Alabama
    • Georgia
  • West
    • The Gulf of Mexico
  • East
    • The Atlantic Ocean
  • South
    • More water from the Atlantic

Major Cities

We talked about the capital, Tallahassee, which is located in the northern part of the state. Now, let’s talk about some of the others.

  • Miami
    • The largest city, and you can say, the most vibrant, is also an international hub of traffic.
  • Jacksonville
    • This is the largest city by area in the contiguous United States.
  • Tampa
    • It is on the Western side of Florida and is well known for its cultural attractions and waterfront districts.
  • Orlando
    • If you don’t know what Orlando is all about, then well you have been living in a bubble. This is known for the theme parks.
  • St. Petersburg
    • Not in Russia, but this known for art and cultural scene.
  • Ft. Lauderdale
    • Known for the beaches.


We pointed out that 21.5 million people live here, thus making it the third most populous state in the United States. It is a diverse state with a significant Hispanic and Latino Population.

  • Cuban
  • Puerto Rican
  • Mexican

Descent make up for that diverse population.


Florida has a robust and diverse economy. The tourism industry plays a significant role, with millions of visitors flocking to the state each year to enjoy its beaches, theme parks (such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando), and natural attractions like the Everglades National Park. Agriculture is another important sector, with Florida being a major producer of citrus fruits, sugarcane, tomatoes, and other crops. The state is also home to a thriving aerospace and defense industry, international trade hubs, financial centers, and a growing healthcare sector.


Has a great sports culture It has the following Pro spots

Miami MarlinsMLBMiamiLoanDepot Park
Tampa Bay RaysMLBTampa BayTropicana Field
Miami HeatNBAMiamiKaseya Center
Orlando MagicNBAOrlandoAmway Center
Jacksonville JaguarsNFLJacksonvilleTIAA Bank Field
Miami DolphinsNFLMiamiHard Rock Stadium
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNFLTampa BayRaymond James Stadium
Florida PanthersNHLMiamiAmerant Bank Arena
Tampa Bay LightingNHLTampa BayAmalie Arena
Inter Miami CFMLSMiamiDRV PNK Stadium As of Now
Orlando City SCMLSOrlandoExpioria Stadium
Miami FusionMLSMiamiLockhart Stadium
Tampa Bay MutinyMLSTampa BayRaymond James Stadium

MLB = Major League Baseball

NBA = National Basketball Association

NFL = National Football League

NHL = National Hokey League

MLS = Major League Soccer



Here are the religions in Florida

Jehovah’s Witness1%
Other Christian1%
Nothing In Particular17%
Other Faiths3%


Lots of things

Florida offers a lot of things to do. People go there during the winter to get warm and out of the cold. A lot of sports. MLB do spring training down there.

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