Sept. 24, 2022, Flight to SLC

Now that the vacation is over and done with, the long journey home begins.

Boarded our flight

My in-laws go to board early due to my father-in-law being a veteran, not because they are older, well maybe that as well. We could have boarded with them but my wife didn’t want to.

I am going to take the time here to vent here for a min. Don’t stand up and block the way to the gate. We all want to get on that plane and head where we want to but you are just causing a problem. When they called veterans to board the plane. My in-laws started to walk up there but people were standing there blocking the way. They couldn’t get to the gate. Now, this is when I went up and told people to get out of the way. I made a path for them to get thru. There was this one lady that was hell-bent on getting on that plane. As soon as it was time for her to board, she was the first one to get on. Just to sit there in her seat.

We got on and sat there, we had the middle and the aisle seat and the window seat was empty. Only two more people were coming down the aisle. I was like hell, I have got a lot of room. Since there were plenty of seats behind us open. But nope, one sat next to me.

First Leg

It was on Delta and it was a smooth flight there. I know I watched something, but it wasn’t something I remember watching. I watched some football as well. We had some snacks and drinks. The one thing that JetBlue does better than Delta. That is giving you the whole can of soda. Delta will if you ask.

We arrived in Detroit and awaited our second leg. I will talk about Detroit airport in the next blog.

Second Leg

We went from Detroit to SLC. It was on Delta as well. It was a smooth ride to SLC. Now I did watch something, but I can’t remember what it was. Probably something I have seen before and it was just there to keep me busy. I watched some football as well.

We arrived at SLC and got off at gate A1, which was at the very end of the airport console A. We got to the bag claim and well it wasn’t running. We had to walk all around the bag claim to find our luggage. I guess if you take a long time to get there then it just stops running.

We found all of the luggage and went to find our ride. Which was just outside the door. We got on and went back to the car.

Parking Spot

We got to the car and my wife took the keys out and she couldn’t get into the car. I guess the battery died over the 10 days we were gone. It was something that could be dealt with. Went to get the jump starter and well it isn’t in the car. I have no idea where it is. I know I have one in my vehicle. I thought I put one in her car. Now I have to find it.

They came and jumped the car and we were on our way.


The flight back home was successful. I just wish I could remember what I watched. I mean I am writing this about a week after I got home. Note to self, don’t book flights with layovers. Just pay the extra for nonstop. Even with brought thru the cruise line. Just pay the extra money. That would be so much less stressful. But that is fewer airports I get to see.

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