Rental Car

In order to get around Texas, you need a car. You can’t just walk everywhere.


I went with Hertz on this trip to rent a car. We picked up the car at the Austin International airport. We got in late, due to the United flight being a late flight. We walked to the car rental place and we walked past the following


Hertz is usually good at giving me the correct car. However, this time they didn’t. They were all out of what we reserved.

What did they offer me?

The car

Well, they offered me the following


Yep, a minivan. To be honest I have never driven a mini-van.  Yea, you take what they offer you. It was a comfortable drive and he fit 7 of us in it. Yes, there were four of us in the family. But we stayed with other people and there were 3 of them.

Good or Bad

It was a good car to drive

  • It was smooth
  • Drove nice
  • Gas mileage was good
  • The middle doors opened on both sides
  • Plenty of Trunk space to hold the luggage

I didn’t want to drive it. But I did and you know what I liked driving it. (but I am not getting one) Yes, they might take your reservation, but they might give you something else.


Take a look at the video

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