February 19, 2020, St. Maarten Overview

We started the day off still creeping to Sint Maarten as we were going to be arriving late due to a thrown piston in one of the engines. The day started off with me partaking in some lite breakfast. Then we had lunch and then we got off the ship.


We arrived in Sint Maarten around 3 PM and we did something I always wanted to do. That was go see the airport and it was awesome and how the planes on how they get so low when coming in for a landing.

Since we got in late, 3 PM we just headed to the airport.

Since we were supposed to leave at 3PM, Which means that the island shuts down at 6 PM. Due to the late arrival there was only a few shops open by the time we got back to Philipsburg. We needed some toothpaste since it was left behind, we thought. My wife found it in her shoe later on. 

Back on the ship

We got back on the ship around 5:30 PM, then it was time to eat dinner.  We then played some more of cover your assets.


Here is a PDF version of the platter from the ship.

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