Oahu Hotel

  • Room Comfort
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Staff Services
  • Wi-Fi, Free
  • Facilities
  • Breakfast, Free

Name of Hotel:  Hampton Inn & Suites Oahu/Kapolei

Address:  91-5431 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, HI, 96707

Website: hilton.com


Room Comfort:

It had 2 queen beds and it had a lot of space.

Room Cleanliness:

It was clean and it appeared to be sanitized, well as sanitized as it can be right.


For the price we paid for the hotel, on Oahu, leading up to a holiday weekend. It was a good value. It was $217 a night. As I said it was a good value.

Staff Services:

The staff was really nice and helpful when needed, They even turned the lights on in the laundry room after midnight so we could do a batch of laundry.

They were very nice when we pulled up at 12:30 AM, Sunday night/Monday Morning.


It was an OK, setup. I mean I didn’t see any access points around that I noticed. But, It was a decent speed. I did activate a VPN, which is a must when using an unsecured connection.


The building was really nice. It was on the corner of a mall. There were plenty of food options if you wanted to eat. The only problem was. Taco Bell was closed and that is what my wife wanted.


There was a free breakfast, They had the following:

  • Eggs
  • Potatoes
  • Bacon/sausage
  • Waffles
    • Pumpkin spice
    • Normal
  • Oatmeal
  • Bagels/toast
  • Cereal
  • Hot drinks
  • Orange/apple/cranberry

It was a good option to have. Nope, I didn’t get any pictures of it this time, just a video of it.


My wife got this as a cheaper alternative to staying on Waikiki beach. It was about 24 miles, and like a 1-hour drive, it seemed. Maybe not that long. But…

It was nicely located, and they were building an elevated metro line to service that area. It was a nice and quiet place to stay.

Was it worth it

Yea, it was worth it. My wife enjoyed it.


This is a room tour as well.

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