Now what

I am now officially done with all my posts from my travels.  Thanks, COVID-19 for messing up the world and my travel adventures.

Now what

Now that the COVID-19 have taken my travel adventures away in a sort, I still got to go on a few trips I wouldn’t have been able to go on. Those trips were fun and I am glad I got to go. However, my travel fund was eaten up by a new project. So I will need to build it back up. I am just waiting for the masks to be lifted. I don’t want to wear a mask while flying or traveling.

What do I talk about

Well, I could talk about the following:

  • Packing cubes
    • I have some new ones
  • New Backpacks
  • Feet Hanger
    • My wife’s
  • Could talk about a some LDS temples around me
  • Could do a couple of day trips
    • There are several places I could visit
  • Talk about each of my cruises
    • I know that is something that you want to learn about
  • Talk about the future and what I would like to do

So I have a lot to think about, I will try and put some content up here that is meaningful.


We all have our own opinions so don’t hate me if mine doesn’t line up with yours. I don’t hate you because of yours.

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