New York State

When you talk about New York state, it is known as The State of New York or New York State to distance itself from New York City. It is located on the Northeastern side of the United States.

Here are some facts

  • Capital:  Albany
  • Nickname: The Empire State
  • Population:  20,215,751 million
  • Ranking in population: 4th most populous

The layout of the USA at the time it became a state

They became a state or were admitted to the Union on July 26, 1788


60% of the population is Christian at 60%. Here is a breakdown of the religion in the state.

  • Catholic
    • 31%
  • Protestantism
    • 26%
  • Other Christianity
    • 3%
  • Unaffiliated
    • 27%
  • Judaism
    • 7%
  • Islam
    • 2%
  • Buddhism
    • 1%
  • Hinduism
    • 1%
  • Other Faiths
    • 0.5%

American Civil War

Yes, the big war from 1861 to 1865 was North vs South. What role did New York play in it? Well, they sent about 400,00 to 460,000 men. At that time it was about 21% of the population of men.

  • 130,000
    • Foreign Born
  • 20,000
    • British possessions like Canada
  • 51,000
    • Irish
  • 37,000
    • German

About 54% voted for Lincoln for President.

West Point is located in New York State


Being the 4th most populous state you would think they have some sports. Well, yea they do.

  • Buffalo Bills
    • National Football League
  • Brooklyn Nets
    • National Basketball Association
  • New York Knicks
    • National Basketball Association
  • New York Liberty
    • Women’s National Basketball Association
  • New York City FC
    • Major League Soccer
  • Buffalo Sabres
    • National Hockey League
  • New York Islanders
    • National Hockey League
  • New York Mets
    • Major League Baseball
  • New York Yankees
    • Major League Baseball

So they have some sports going on.


For my first time being in the state of New York. I only experienced the big apple, you know New York City. I would like to experience the rest of the state. I can’t really give an opinion of the whole state based on one city. But, it played a role in the founding of the United States.