March 18, 2019, Cabo San Lucas

Today was the first port day of the trip if you don’t count Long Beach but who counts that as a port day besides the cruise line. So after about 36 or hours on the sea, we arrived at Cabo. We watched as we came around the bend as we were eating breakfast up at the buffet.


After the wife and son got room service delivered to them, between the hours of 7 and 7:30 AM, which showed up at 6:51 AM. They ordered me some hot chocolate but that consisted of hot water and a hot chocolate packet. Would the send coffee up that way? I doubt it. They really didn’t eat all of it, they ate what they could. They gave us a lot of extra things.

We went to the buffet so I could eat and I got the following:

    • Some scrambled eggs

    • Pork Link Sausage

    • Potatoes, roasted

    • French toast

    • Pancakes

    • Orange Juice

    • Hot chocolate

So the eggs where runny, the sausage wasn’t that good, the French toast was hard and unchewable. So the buffet breakfast wasn’t up to par this morning. Sorry no pictures!!!

After Breakfast

We finished getting ready and then we headed to the spectacular theater for our excursion. Since we got an excursion thru Carnival, we were able to get off the ship faster and without getting a tender pass. I will talk about what we did on the Cabo post and that will be coming up next week. But here are a few pictures.


We got back from Cabo and ate some food from the Grill and it consisted of the following:

  • Burger, cheese
  • Fires
  • Nachos
    • Nacho cheese
    • Chili

 But it was like 2:30 and we are eating in like 4 hours, I know, I think it is all that we do is eat and eat some more.

After Lunch

Walked around the ship and showed my son who is in Argentina the ship. I think he was kind of upset that we were on a cruise. We then went to back to the cabin and laid down. I think the sun and the food is wearing on us and we rested until dinner.


It was a casual night in Gold Pearl restaurant, but I wore my casual outfit, which my wife informed me that it wasn’t causal. We talked to our table neighbors and got to know them.  It seems that the only time I get really good food is when I am on a cruise. Because I don’t have to cook it or clean it up.  

After Dinner

Went to the punchlines comedy club and saw Michael Issac, he was good, a bit slow in the beginning, but he picked it up towards the end and he was actually good. While the rest is resting in the room, I am now writing the review of what went on today.

Summary of day 3

Today was a good day in Cabo, and we had a productive day, a busy one, but a productive one. The sun was out and it was 77 degrees better than the ’20s and 30’s it was where we came from. Now I am just topping of the day with some fruit and some hot chocolate while sitting in the buffet up on the lido deck, that is deck 9 right above our floor. So it was just a walk up the stairs. Yes, I said to walk up the stairs. I did walk around.

Day 3 was a fun day in Cabo and talking to our son who is in Argentina got a love technology.

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