Laie Hawaii LDS Temple

Sits about a 1/2 mile from the ocean on a small hill on the northeastern part of Oahu island.


55-600 Nanlioa Loop, Lanie, HI 96762


  • Announced
    • 3 October 1915
  • Groundbreaking
    • 8 February 1916
  • Dedicated
    • 27 November 1919
  • Rededicated
    • 13 June 1978
  • Rededicated
    • 21 November 2010


  • The first temple built outside of the contiguous United States and number 5 overall
  • Designed by
    • Hyrum Pope
    • Harold Burton
  • Exterior Finish
    • Concrete from Native lava rock and coral
  • Design
    • Solomon’s Temple no spire
  • Visitors Center
    • Yes
  • It sits on 11.4 acres

The 2 Rededicatioans were due to the fact that the temple underwent remodeling and upgrades.


There were 10 missionaries that came to Hawaii and formed the Sandwich Islands Mission.

The church purchased a 6,000-acre sugar cane plantation for $14,000, this was in 1865. They did this so that the Latter-Day Saints would have a place to meet.

When the temple was being built they ran out of wood and this was a scarce commodity. A ship ran aground and the temple builders volunteered to help the boat. They unloaded some of the cargo of wood. To show gratitude, the boat gave the wood to them. It just happened to be just enough to finish the temple.


The visitors center

My Thoughts

This is a beautifully placed temple. It is right by BYU Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). This has got a great view of the ocean and the area is just awesome. If 100,000 people a year come and visit it, it must be a place to visit.  Yes, if you are ever in Hawaii and on the island of Oahu, come and visit it.


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