Kansas City

When you hear Kansas City, you would think it is in the state of Kansas, right? Well, let’s find out.

Which state is it in

It is in both states, as it borders Kansas and Missouri. However, we will be talking about the city in Missouri.



  • State
    • Missouri
  • Incorporated
    • Town of Kansas
      • June 1, 1850
    • City of Kansas
      • March 28, 1853
  • Area
    • City
      • 318.80 sq mi
    • Land
      • 314.73 sq mi
    • Water
      • 4.07 sq mi
    • Urban
      • 714.10 sq mi
    • Metro
      • 7,952 sq mi
  • Population
    • City
      • 508.090
    • Rank
      • 37th in the USA
      • 1st in Missouri
  • Metro area
    • 2,392,035
      • USA 31st

In 1803

The Louisiana Purchase brought this area into the United States. Lewis and Clark visited the area and found it an excellent place to build a fort. Also, in 1831, a group from New York settled there, forming the first school. However, in 1833, mob violence forced the Mormon settlement out.

1853 is when the city was created, with a mayor being elected.

American Civil War

The city was an area of some significant battles in the Civil War. For a brief time, the Confederate States held the site. However, the Union troops occupied the city shortly after. The Confederates won a battle at a later time that turned over the city again. But, the union came in, and with a general order No. 11, the union pushed everyone out of four counties in the western part of the state, including Jackson. The people who could stay were in the city with allegiance to the union.

World War I

There is a World War I monument in Kansas City. It is a great place to visit and learn more about the First World War.


In the early 2000s, the population was only 4,000 people in the downtown area. Now, it is up to over 30,000 people. This is partly due to a $6 Billion door improvement, at least on the Missouri side. They funded a site to lure an MLB or NHL team, but there isn’t one right now.


Several businesses have headquarters in the city.

Kansas City Southern RailwayChildern InternationalJHS Pedals
Andrews McMeel UniversalCommerce BancsharesPopular
Applebee’s (Former)Veterans of Foreign WarsLockton Companies
Barkley Inc.Evergy (Great Plains Energy)MANICA Architecture
Bemastein-RienFreightquote.comNovastar Financial
Black & Veaths’s Global Water businessBarney Holding CompanySmith Electric Vehicles
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KCHallmark CardsRussell Stover Candies
Copaken, White, and BrittH&R BockBRIM
Boulevard Brewing CompanyHNTBUMB Financial Corporation
Burns & McDonnellHostess BrandsComer
CemerJ.E. Dunn Construction GroupWalton Construction


You would think Kansas City would be a good place for food. What is KC known for? Well, if you thought Barbecue, then you got it right. It is known for steak and Barbecue.



Here are the sports that are in KC.

Kansas City Chief’sFootballNFLArrowhead Stadium
Kansas City RoyalsBaseballMLBKauffman Stadium
Sporting Kansas CitySoccer2016Children’s Mercy Park
Sporting Kansas CitySoccerWomens SoccerECHO
Kansas City MavericksHockeyKansas City CometsCable Dahmen Arena
North Kansas City High SchoolIndoor SoccerMajor Arena SoccerCable Dahmer Arena
Kansas City MonarchsBaseballAmerican AssociationLegends Field
Kansas City BluesRuby UnionUSA Rugby Division 1North Kansas City High School
Kansas City StormFootball Women’sWTFANorth Kasas City High School
Kansas City GoatsArena FootballArena LeagueMunicipal Arena


It is a city that has some character. Some things are going well for it, and sports are happening there. It is a growing city that will continue to get better.


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