Hotel, The Queen Mary

Queen Mary
  • Room Comfort
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Staff Services
  • Wi-Fi, Free
  • Facilities
  • Breakfast


Room Comfort:

The room was bigger than most cruise ships I have been on. It featured two Queen size beds, I am not sure if they are American queen or England queen size bed. Featured a bathtub, which was a very small one, and a shower, in which a person over 6 foot tall would have a hard time showering. It was very easy to move around in and it made it easy to have three people in it.

Room Cleanliness:

The room was clean for the most part of it, it was old but it was clean. I didn’t notice anything that was dirty.


Not sure if it was because it was spring break or that is the regular price. The room we stayed in, room 484 on deck B, it ran us $349 dollars. That is a big chunk of money.

Staff Services:

Some were helpful and pointed out things, others not so much. Just like anywhere else you would go.


They did have WIFI, and it was part of the resort fee of $16.95 we used to download some things and they didn’t have a limit of devices like some places have. You know you are only allowed to use one device any more and it is a $10 fee. Not here we had 4 phones, 2 iPads and 2 computers hooked up to it and it worked just fine.


Yes, the ship is dated, but the facilities were nice. They had one functioning elevator in the boat itself which has by the check in place or front lobby. For the most part, the ship is in pretty good shape for being so old. The lamp in our room didn’t work and that was a pain in the butt.


They did have a place to eat, but the prices were a bit high so we thought we could eat at the midship market for breakfast. Don’t do that!!


We picked the Queen Mary due to her location near the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, it is within about 2 football fields, 200 yards. The ship itself is a cool attraction just the history itself. We did a self walking tour and saw a lot of cool things and the ship wasn’t that big. The Pacific Princess, the Love Boat if you recall that ship from the late 70’s and the early ’80s. It was about that big. The value of that ship it runs about $350, we could have stayed at the Maya for that price. They have a couple of Resturant so on the ship and they are called:

  • First one
  • Second one
  • Third one
  • Midship Market (closes at 6 PM)

The ship had a collection of Queen Mary ships, which was part of the tour. I will cover that later. The ship itself is a tourist attraction and is priced accordingly. The midship market is where we at breakfast at, I really wouldn’t call it a breakfast as it consisted of a ham sandwich and a bag of chips and a coke. For three of us it ran $45 dollars, yes you heard that is right $45 dollars, should have just eaten at the breakfast place.  

Was it worth it

With only 2 hotels near the Long Beach Cruise Port, it was OK. Yes, there were cheaper hotels with free actual breakfast, but they didn’t offer shuttle service to the port. Odd, isn’t it. That the cruise port is a major draw but yet they don’t offer a shuttle service. Well, the Queen Mary didn’t either. I contacted them on Facebook and they never did respond. We got a shuttle service from the airport to the Queen Mary and we walked across the parking lot to the cruise port so we didn’t need a shuttle for that. If you are looking for something that is close by and cruising out on Carnival then check it out.

Name of Hotel:  Queen Mary

Address:  1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802


Below the cabin review and before the rating is link to another video.

Here is a video of the cabin review:

Here is a video of the Queen Mary

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