Geno’s Cheese Steak

Well, this is in South Philly and it was a way out of the way, I mean a way of the way.


Cheesesteaks and more

So you get there and you order up some cheesesteaks and you get it in like 2 min.

If you want fries and a drink then you have to go to a second window. I know it is a bit confusing.

If you would like to go there you better bring some cash, because you aren’t using your plastic there at all.

They don’t do refunds as well.

What did I think

Well, for being this big international thing it really didn’t turn out like I thought it would be. I mean we are in Philly and you need to have some Philly cheesesteaks right. Well, I had pepper steak and well it was just like a cheesesteak it wasn’t all that moist. It was sort of dry. I didn’t get the Cheese wiz, I don’t like that myself so why would I put this on my cheesesteak.


This was across the street from Genos

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